Welcome to the engagement photography gallery. As you can see from the galleries featured, Deb has photographed many love stories.

Deb likes to capture as much of the couple’s connection and personalities in their Lovebirds engagement session.

The sessions are laid-back, fun and we basically go on a little adventure together, documenting your love story along the way. I am there to provide direction and guidance, but there is no awkward posing or tacky photos on my watch! The most stress-free photo session you could have – why not try it out! Book your engagement session today!


what is a lovebirds engagement photography session?

A photo shoot conducted anytime before the wedding and helps the bride and groom get comfortable in front of the camera prior to the wedding day.

Engagement photography is also known as an e-shoot or e-session but quite frankly I don’t like any of those terms because it’s very rare to actually photograph the couple at the time they get engaged. Usually the engagement session is done when a engaged couple books their wedding photography package, which can be months after the actual engagement, and one of the reasons I like to call them a Lovebirds portrait session.


why do a lovebirds portrait session?

Apart from the couple getting familiar with being in front of the camera, couples end up loving the engagement session experience because it was fun and nowhere near as intimidating or daunting as they imagined. Plus the couple are rewarded with some beautiful images and often their first ever professional portraits as a couple.

To help you get comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. Also lets us get to know each other and for you to know how I work ahead of the wedding day, which will result in more natural photographs and a much more relaxed wedding day because you will feel more like Im your friend just with big cameras hanging around my neck than a photographer telling you how to pose.

I strongly believe good chemistry and communication between a photographer & couple along with sound camera skills and experience is the difference between happy-snaps and professional photographs, and find most of our couples feel much more at ease going into their wedding day from having a Lovebirds portrait session.

Deb loves photographing engagement sessions, because it’s a way she can get to know the couple prior to the wedding day. Deb believes in building relationships and trust with her couples, as that is the magic to creating great photos.  After all, she is spending the entire day with the bride and groom on their wedding day, and believes it to be beneficial to couples to feel like they are friends on the wedding day so they can relax in front of the camera to the point where in many cases they aren’t even aware photos are being taken and just enjoy the day.


how do we book an engagement session?

A Lovebirds portrait session can be added to your wedding photography collection or booked as a stand-alone photo shoot for those couples who want an engagement shoot to celebrate their recent engagement but haven’t yet started planning their wedding.  The Lovebirds portrait session is even for couples who just want to celebrate their love at any time of the year, Valentine’s Day or special occasions such as anniversaries, resulting in beautiful photos of you together at a special time in your relationship.


what products do you have to display the images?

The images can then be used for Save the Date cards, wedding invitations, a wedding guest book or a photo slideshow during your wedding reception, as well as having some beautiful images to hang on your wall or display in a portrait album on your coffee table,  to start your family album collection.

Im in love with our new Love Stories magazine which is like a Frankie magazine, but all about YOU! – perfect for our Lovebird portrait session couples.

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