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Gabbinbar Homestead Toowoomba Wedding

I love when I get the chance to photograph a couple before their wedding day through an engagement portrait session, as I did with Lauren & Lee. Its a chance to get to know them better, discover their personalities, and the connection they share. Without a doubt Lauren & Lee are best friends as well as lovers.  But most of all, they know how to have fun together. And any photo shoot that involves ice cream is definitely a winner! Check out their Mooloolaba Beach engagement photography session which was featured on the Sunshine Coast wedding inspiration blog, The Brides Tree.

Lauren & Lee met 9 years ago playing touch football, playing on the same team, which I think explains the beautiful connection they have, all built from teamwork on the footy field.

Even the proposal involved football. Lauren had returned home one Wednesday night from a game of touch football covered in dirt, with Lee proposing in the hallway. They met on a Wednesday night, so Lee wanted to propose on a Wednesday night in a manner in which they met, casual and a bit dirty. I love their proposal story, because it’s authentic to them, intimate and romantic. A little tip for guys proposing in the future – you don’t need to go planning some big proposal extravaganza so forget that trip to Paris.

The day of the engagement session it was overcast, and it appears it was setting the scene for the wedding day. It was a chilly winters day in Toowoomba, and following the ceremony we even had a little rain shower with fog rolling in for our bridal party location shoot around the Gabbinbar property. The magic the fog created for the photos made it feel like a mystic winter wonderland, along with Lauren’s absolutely stunning wedding gown from Ella Moda.

Lauren & Lee are two of the loveliest people you could meet. I had an absolute blast with the entire bridal party and the families, and wish them all the happiness in the future.

Lauren & Lee offer this piece of advice for couples getting married “Trust your instincts and do whatever you want to do because it’s your day! Pick your team wisely. If you are comfortable with them and feel good within the first 10 seconds of meeting them then lock them in. We only met one Celebrant, one Florist, one DJ and two Photographers and you just know immediately if they’re the one for you. You want the best team for your day!”.

Lauren & Lee’s top wedding priorities were venue, food, alcohol, photography, make up and Lauren’s dress. Lauren & Lee invested in the top priority items on their list and saving money on less important items.  Lee’s wedding band cost $17 from eBay.  The venue had a BYO option which meant we could choose the alcohol we wanted and doing BYO saved some money too.

Lauren & Lee also provided this advice for couples getting married in ToowoombaWe would strongly recommend any of our wedding suppliers, in particular the team at Gabbinbar Homestead! They are the best! We chose some Brisbane suppliers who travelled to Toowoomba. We found it was easier to meet with them in Brisbane and then pay a small travel fee for the wedding, rather than have to make several trips out to Toowoomba leading up to the wedding. Ensure as the bride you do a make up and hair trial and I put a priority on these services and I wanted to look the best I could on our day. The Powder Room in New Farm Brisbane are incredibly talented and worth every cent!”.

The day started with Lee and the groomsmen at Toowoomba’s City Golf Motel. I don’t know if it was planned, but the boys were in Room 13 and it was the 13 June.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-001 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-002 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-003

Lee and the groomsmen are wearing suits from Roger David Indooroopilly Brisbane store. Black suits with silk detail down the lapels always looks classy.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-004 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-005 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-006 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-007 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-008 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-009 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-010 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-011 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-012

Lauren and Lee chose Gabbinbar Homestead as their Toowoomba wedding venue. They told me “We are both from Brisbane but couldn’t find something which took our breath away. As soon as we drove up the driveway at Gabbinbar Homestead we knew it was the right one.”

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-013 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-014 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-015 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-016

Lauren & Lee gained a lot of their wedding inspiration from friend’s weddings, with their friend’s encouraging them to copy. They picked elements they loved and incorporated them into their special day. Then personalised it with things like the family photo board and displaying photos from their engagement session around the venue, which gave Gabbinbar a homely feel.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-017 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-018 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-019 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-020 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-021 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-022 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-023 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-024


Lauren & Lee brought along lots of props such as a touch football, a cricket set, board games and borrowed lots of picnic blankets and rugs from friends to have a few games areas available whilst Lauren and Lee were on the photo shoot.


And you have to have an ironing photo!


Leanne and Michala from Lush Hair & Beauty in Toowoomba were behind the girls elegant hair styles. With Lauren from The Powder Room in New Farm Brisbane making the girls look even more beautiful.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-026 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-027

Lauren’s stunning gown is from Ella Moda – the ruffled skirt and lace long sleeves really made this gown a one of a kind and I know Lauren must have felt like the most beautiful bride in the world in this little number.


Lauren’s silver shoes are from Nine West.


All the florals including the bouquets and buttonhole flowers are from Flowers by Forrest Toowoomba. The bouquets were made up of  a selection of stunning Australian natives. Being large bouquets gave lots of impact and Lauren offers up this tip for bride-to-be’s “being Australian natives decreased the cost”.


I am known for wanting to hang a wedding gown in a tree. I know sometimes people think it’s odd to hang a beautiful gown in a tree of all places, but I guess that is the point – doing something unexpected and creative, rather than just hanging the dress on the door or wardrobe like thousands of other bridal gowns.  I find sometimes rooms can be cluttered, and to just photograph a dress that costs thousands of dollars in a pokey room to be a disservice to the bride and the dressmaker who has spent hours creating the gown.  All good reason for taking the chance to create a grand photo of the bridal gown.  And because I like to give options, I had to give Lauren two options – the rustic shed and the tree.  You can’t deny the gown looks amazing in both.


Again another series of photos that break with tradition.  Gabbinbar Homestead has timeless character and charm and beautiful grounds, so would be a shame to not take advantage of them for other photos, like using the front steps of the homestead for the bridesmaids to open their gift from the bride.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-032 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-033 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-034

The buttonholes were also Australian natives.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-035 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-036

It’s time for Lauren to get ready to be the bride. I love photographing this moment of the day!  It’s usually the moment when all the months of planning come together and the bride realises the actual day has arrived and it’s time to marry the man of her dreams. The Bride’s Retreat Room at Gabbinbar with the oversized gold-framed mirror and antique Chaise lounge makes for some beautiful photos.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-037 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-038

A beautiful sentiment of giving gifts to the bridesmaids and groomsmen as a thank you and to remember the day, as well as letters from the bride to the groom, and the groom to the bride, make for great candid photo opportunities like this moment between Lauren and her bridesmaids.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-039 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-040

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-041 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-042 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-043 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-044 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-045

I love including the bride’s mum in the preparation photos, even if traditionally its the bridesmaids job. A girl’s mum is a big part of her life and while Dad’s get the honour of walking their daughters down the aisle, it’s important for mum to have an important role too on the big day and be included, and it’s highly likely it will even just evoke some beautiful natural moments.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-046 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-047 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-048 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-049

The guests start arriving at Gabbinbar Homestead

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-050 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-051 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-052

Chris, the MC, going over the running of the evening events.


Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-056 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-057

How gorgeous does Lauren today’s bride look in that magnificent bridal gown … that must mean it’s time for bridal portraits.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-058 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-059 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-060 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-061 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-062 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-063 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-064

Gardens make for a pretty backdrop to the ceremony.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-065 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-066 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-067 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-068 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-069

Samantha Townend is Lauren and Lee’s marriage celebrant. I had met Samantha before at a wedding industry event but it was my first time working with her, and she was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-070 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-071 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-072 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-073 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-074

Lauren and her Dad walked down the aisle to ‘How Long Will I Love You’ by Ellie Goulding.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-075 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-076 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-077 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-078 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-079 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-080 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-081 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-082 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-083 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-084 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-085 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-086 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-087 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-088 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-089 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-090 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-091 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-092 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-093 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-094 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-095

One of my favourite parts of the wedding day is the congratulations. It’s a time where everyone is relaxed and in high spirits, which makes for great candid photos of your guests. I especially love the enthusiastic huggers and usually the female guests doing the ‘omg check out your dress’ reactions.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-096 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-097 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-098 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-099 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-100 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-101 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-102 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-103 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-104 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-105 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-106 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-107 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-108

Gabbinbar Homestead Toowoomba is a dream wedding venue as a photographer. Having all the elements I love – a rustic barn, lovely gardens, a grassy paddock and the elegant homestead – and then add misty rain and fog and it sure made for some magical wedding photos.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-109 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-110 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-111 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-112 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-113 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-114 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-115 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-116 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-117 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-118 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-119 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-120 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-121 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-122 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-123 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-124 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-125 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-126 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-127 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-128 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-129 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-130 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-131 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-132 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-133 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-134 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-135 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-136 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-137 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-138 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-139 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-140 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-141 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-142 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-143

The reception room at Gabbinbar with long rectangular tables and French doors as the backdrop looking out over the gardens and high ceiling, makes it simply a stunning and elegant venue. The room was beautifully decorated with white linen and hessian table runners and Australian natives in mason jars.

The bonbonnieres were from Chocablock Chocolates, a Lindt chocolate bar wrapped with a personalised message from the couple.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-144 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-145 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-146

For the menu holders, they used corks and string with the menus sticking up in between two rows of three corks.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-147 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-148 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-149

The wedding cake is from Abbolou Cakes in Toowoomba.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-150 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-151 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-152 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-153 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-154

Time to get this party started …

When I asked Lauren what were her favourite memories from her wedding day, she responded with “The entire day, night before and breakfast the following day was absolutely perfect. All of the speeches were incredible!” and the best funny moments “Too many to list. The bridal party entered with the Kenny Loggins song Footloose so there was lots of ridiculous dancing. The MC (family friend) had extremely witty telegrams such as one from Darren Lockyer (Lee’s hero), Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom (my favourite celebrity couple), Kath and Kim and the team from Kennard’s Hire (Lee’s employer). At the end of my speech I made reference to the song “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner and Jimmy Barnes. Our DJ took note of this and played it at the very end as Lee and I were saying our farewells to the guest. Everyone loved it and it just topped off the night. We finished on the biggest high thanks to DJ Ruby Tuesday from Decibels Entertainment.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-155 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-156 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-157 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-158 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-159 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-160 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-161 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-162 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-163 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-164 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-165 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-166 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-167 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-168 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-169 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-170 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-171 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-172 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-173 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-174 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-175 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-176 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-177 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-178 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-179 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-180 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-181 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-182 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-183 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-184 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-185 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-186 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-187 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-188 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-189 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-190 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-191 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-192 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-193 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-194 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-195

And a group portrait that break into crazy dancing … love these candid moments!


Lauren & the girls escape the reception into the Bride’s Treat room to remove the lace sleeves from her wedding gown, to get her ready to burn it up on the dance floor.


Then it was time for Lauren and Lee to do the Bridal Waltz to ‘This Magic Moment’ by The Drifters.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-198 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-199 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-200 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-201 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-202 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-203 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-204 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-205 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-206 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-207 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-208 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-209 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-210 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-211 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-212 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-213 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-214 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-215 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-216 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-217

DJ Ruby Tuesday on decks from Decibels Entertainment getting the dance floor pumping!

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-218 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-219 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-220 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-221 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-222 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-223 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-224 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-225 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-226

The garter toss song was ‘Business Time’ by Flight of the Conchords and Lauren’s Dad rushed in to stop Lee from pulling her garter off.

Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-227 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-228 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-229 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-230 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-231 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-232 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-233 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-234 Gabbinbar-Homestead-Toowoomba-wedding-photography-L&L-235

Photographer Deb Boots love stories  | Celebrant Samantha Townend
Wedding Gown Ella Moda | Bride’s Shoes Nine West
Bridesmaids Dresses Joielle | Bridesmaids Belts Miss Shop Myer | Bridesmaids Shoes Betts Shoes & Payless Shoes
Groom & Groomsmen’s Suits Roger David
Wedding Planner & Stylist The Bride & Gabbinbar Homestead | Flowers Flowers by Forrest
Hair Stylist Lush Hair and Beauty | Makeup Artist The Powder Room
Wedding Cake Abbolou Cakes | Catering Gabbinbar Homestead
Bridal Accommodation Vacy Hall Toowoomba  | Groom Accommodation City Motel Toowoomba
Wedding Stationary / Invitations  Urban Weddings
DJ DJ Ruby Tuesday from Decibels Entertainment
Engagement Ring Wallace Bishop | Wedding Bands : Groom’s was from eBay and the Bride’s was from Hong Kong
Honeymoon : JW Marriott Khao Lak Resort and Spa – Thailand

  • Ioana - – The grossest part is how aexnroic they made her arm and elbow look. It angers me that they even felt the need to fix her in this photo. Her body looks amazing as is. Thanks for the wonderful reminder, lady. You are the best. xoxoReplyCancel

    • Laurie - The Bride - Hi Ioana. I guess I’ll take that as a compliment. Deb didn’t retouch my arms at all. That’s the result of months of touch football, pilates and boxing because I wanted to be in the best shape for our ridiculously awesome day! I worked really hard and was super happy with my appearance. Plus any additional editing such as what you’re suggesting would cost a lot more and this certainly wasn’t a part of our package. Cheers – Laurie (The Bride)ReplyCancel

  • Barb williams - Hi Lauren
    Just wanted to say that your wedding looked gorgeous and your dress is amazing.We are looking at wedding venues and came across Gabbinbar Homestead but have not made a decision yet.The reason I am commenting is that I as the mother of the bride have been looking for a dress and love what your mum is wearing.would love to know where she purchased her dress. regards Barb (mother of the bride)ReplyCancel

  • Maurice - Beautiful wedding! I love that indoor space.They have so much fun.ReplyCancel

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