Who will be the photographer on the day?

Me. Deb Boots. I am a professional photographer and this is my full time job so your best interests are in my best interests.


Do you offer a second photographer?

I typically shoot alone and the majority of all weddings featured on my blog are solely photographed by me, with the exception of a handful.  I do offer a second photographer as an add-on service and I do have a collection which includes the whole kit and caboodle, including a second photographer. When I use a second photographer, they are a photographer in their own rights. I have a policy of not using student or trainee photographers, simply because Im there to do the job of photographing your wedding and not teaching or instructing a learner, and I also need the second shooter to produce quality images.  And its for those reasons that I offer a second photographer as an add-on service.


How do we secure Deb Boots LOVE STORIES for our wedding day?

I am unable to reserve a date without a retainer, but a simple $500 non-refundable retainer will secure Boots Photography and our photography services for your wedding date.  I do generally book up a year in advance, but it is always best to shoot me an email and check availability.


Do you travel? Are you available for destination weddings?

Absolutely yes. I have a current passport.  I grew up in Sydney and where I spent most of my adult life before making Brisbane my home in 2006. With family back in Sydney, I move between the two cities frequently.

I am available for engagement portraits and wedding photography assignments all over Queensland, Byron Bay, Sydney, basically Australia wide as well as internationally.

I love an adventure, so wholeheartedly will jump in the car or on a plane to photograph your love story whether in Australia or an international destination wedding.


Are you a member of any photography organisations?

Yes. I am a member of Fearless Photographers, an international directory of the world’s best wedding photographers. I am also a member of WPPI Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. Boots Photography was also named by The Knot Australia as one of the best 10 wedding photographers in Brisbane for 2015.


Do we get digital files with our wedding photography package? How how many digital files do we get?

All our wedding photography packages include a set of high resolution edited digital files.  You also get a set of low resolution digital files to share on social media.  Depending upon which collection you book and the amount of photography coverage included, determines how many files you receive.


What kind of images do you photograph on the wedding day?

Every thing from preparation photos of the bride and groom, details, a variety of portraits – individuals of the bride and groom, a variety of bridal party group photos, candid photos of guests, family portraits, and all the fun photos too.  If you book a reception package, we also photography the reception room, room details, of course the magnificent cake photo, speeches, the bridal waltz, father daughter dance, party photos and lots of guest photos enjoying themselves.

I have a policy of blogging every wedding I photograph. However, there maybe some integral photos such as the family photos that you might not see on the blog, but I most definitely do photograph family portraits as they are an important part of the wedding day and serve as historial memories for your family history. I just don’t post family portraits from the wedding day on the blog.

I like to meet up with my brides and grooms roughly a month before the wedding to create a timeline for the wedding day. At this time we will obtain a list of the family photos you want taken. I find its better to work from a list to ensure we don’t miss anyone. If a family member or an appointed member of the bridal party can assist in rounding people up, it helps make the family photos time run more smoothly. Maybe even an email sent to the people who are required for family photos in the week leading up to the wedding to ensure they don’t sneak off too soon, can be an advantage.


Can we give you a list of photos we want?

I would describe myself as a creative wedding photographer, relying on the chemistry between the couple and interactions of the people at your wedding to inspire the photos, therefore I typically don’t work to a specific photo list, except for the family photo list of course.

My style is a blend of documentary and beautifully lit portraits, meaning you get a good variety of must-have portraits, details and creative photos.

I definitely find couples respond to this method, as its more relaxed and a more casual approach while still getting all the photos you want.

A big part of wedding photography, is trusting your wedding photographer – and that comes down to making sure you love your photographers style and have had a good look through their body of work to make sure it suits your tastes, and really then you can’t go wrong. My years of experience photographing weddings as a full time photographer, means I live and breathe weddings day in day out.

Im happy for you to share some images you like with me, even images you don’t like, to get a feel for your exact tastes and what images drew you to chose me as your wedding photographer, but I don’t work through a list of photos or guarantee any certain shots, simply because every couple is different, and every wedding is different.  A list can in fact interfere with my creativity and the flow of the wedding day because I am constantly referring to a checklist.


How much time do we need for photography?

Refer to the suggested wedding day timeline. Just remember to factor in travel time.


What happens if you are sick on our wedding day?

I have never missed a wedding because of sickness or any other reason, nor have I ever had to call in another photographer to take my place.  I have turned up to a wedding sick, in fact it was a 4 hour drive from Brisbane the day before, then a 10 hour photography coverage package including a photo booth session, then I drove back to Brisbane the next morning, to do it all again.  Trust me when I have the camera in my hand, I am focused on my job of taking pretty pictures.

Should ever an occasion arise that Im on deaths door and can’t make it, I would arrange for a photographer of similar experience, style and ability from my large resource of photographer contacts to cover your wedding in my place.


What camera gear do you use?

I am a Nikon girl, but seriously, my camera equipment are just tools of my photography trade. I shoot with the latest professional-grade camera gear including the Nikon D800 and Nikon D750 camera bodies and a Nikon D700 as a backup camera. Although one of the perks to being a professional wedding photographer, is having the latest camera body. Where I do become a gear nerd is with my lenses. I love shooting with prime lenses because of the quality of the glass – the 50mm and 35mm are my absolute favourites, but I also have other lenses. Naturally in my camera kit there are flashes/speedlights and I am known to overcompensate with backup batteries.

Im not the photographer to get into those Nikon vs Canon debates, because they are both reputable brands, I just like Nikon for a few intrinsic points and thats shooting in low light, and as a wedding photographer, Im often shooting in low light situations like churches, dark hotel rooms etc, so having tools that help me in my job is what is more important to me.

Besides, what makes a great photographer is your talent and experience, not the tools you use, the tools just help you perfect your craft.


Do we receive every single image that you take on the day?

Simply No. My belief as a photographer is to give you quality over quantity. You still get heaps of photos, but I do delete some photos … yep even the professionals take some blurry shots, lighting test shots, blinking and where I take several shots in a series I will give you the best few. The images supplied on the USB are the discretion of the photographer.


Do you edit all the photos that we get?

We do globally edit all the photos you receive, but they are not retouched.

What is the difference?

Global editing means the image receives exposure, colour balance and brightness adjustments to the overall image, but no retouching to isolated areas of the photo.  Global editing does include b&w conversions at our discretion. We edit your photos to take on an analogue film flavour with either beautiful soft pastel or a brighter colour palette depending on the feel of the session or wedding day. Retouching is where isolated parts of the image are corrected, for example, removing blemishes/spots, skin smoothing, slimming people or features, correcting spray tan marks, makeup corrections etc.


Do you offer engagement photography?

Absolutely Yes. I have even written an article entirely on the benefits of an engagement photography session. Apart from you getting some pretty pictures of you out of your wedding attire, they simply are just a bunch of fun to get you warmed up for the big wedding day so you are more relaxed and know what to expect in regards to being photographed. Check out some of our past engagement photography sessions.


How many hours of wedding photography coverage do we need? 

This is different for every couple. I do offer a 6 hours of coverage photography package which is from bride prep through to the bride & groom entrance at the reception. Although our most popular photography coverage package is between 9-10 hours { generally whats known as all day wedding photography } which covers both bride and groom prep through to around 3-4 hours at the wedding reception to include the cake cutting, bridal waltz and even your guests breaking out some crazy dance moves on the dance floor.   I do also offer elopement and mid-week small wedding photography packages which are generally around up to 4 hours of coverage.


Can we meet with you to discuss our wedding?

Absolutely. Infact I like to meet with both the bride and groom, for one to get to know you and make sure we are a good fit, but make sure you are both on the same page as to what you are looking for in wedding photos. Remember its a one off deal, so you want to make sure you get this part right, because its the photos that will out last everything else.

I do book couples who live outside of Brisbane where I am based, and we can most definitely have a chat on the phone and meet up down the track when you are in town next.

My office is in a quirky French furniture warehouse space in Albion, just 10 minutes from Brisbane CBD. Vieille Branche is full of gorgeous French antique furniture and vintage old wares imported from the Normandy seaside and the French countryside. Definitely a place of inspiration, which you can enjoy while we chat over a lovely coffee or tea.

Please email me through the contact form { link above } or ring me direct on 0419 043030 to arrange a time to come in. If I don’t answer straight away, it could mean Im out on a photo shoot or just on another call, so please leave a message and I will get back to you asap.

I conduct meetings during the week, from 8am through to 7.00pm. Weekend meetings are generally out of the question as I am generally photographing weddings.


Should we provide you with a meal at the reception?

That would be most appreciated. Wedding days are long days, generally with me starting around 11am, so a vendors meal at the reception is required and greatly appreciated.  For weddings where I am only at the reception for a brief period up to an hour, no vendor meal is required. If you do choose to add a second photographer to your photography package, a vendor meal is also required for the second photographer as they remain for the entire reception period.


How long before we get our photos from the wedding?

Delivery of your images is generally 4 weeks, however, in peak wedding season it may extend out to 6 weeks but no more.


Do you offer wedding albums? 

Absolutely. A wedding album is a beautiful way to present your wedding photos.  They definitely aren’t like they use to be, so I suggest keep an open mind and wait till you see our beautiful albums. I can show samples of our wedding albums at an in-person meeting.

If you choose to go with a wedding album, after the wedding and once you pick the style of album, I will pre-design an album layout of how I think the best way to display your wedding day story. You then have the opportunity to make changes to the photos in the layouts via our online album proofing system. Then I will make the changes and on approval, the album goes to print. Your wedding album is then delivered approximately 4 weeks after approval.



If I have missed anything, just shoot me an email and I will happily answer your questions as soon as possible.







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