Country wedding photography Dayboro | Lauren + Derek

I love bridal sessions. What is a bridal shoot you ask? Its a day after the wedding where the couple get dressed up again and go out for a photo shoot.

Their are many advantages of a bridal session, some of which are:

  • If you had your heart set on beautiful sunlit photos in a country field but on the wedding day it rained, it means we can go out another day and get those beautiful sunlit photos.
  • A bride gets to wear her dress for one day, literally 12 hours, so it could be fun to put it on one more time.
  • If you’d rather spend time with your guests on the wedding day, we can do a mini location shoot on the day with the bridal party and then you can go mingle knowing we will get all those beautiful couple portraits on another day.
  • It could be a chance to switch up your style that you weren’t game to wear on your wedding day. The bride might wear her hair down for the bridal session if she wore it up on the wedding day, she could wear a flower crown or kick of her heals and wear some cowgirl boots …

By no means are we trying to make out this session was done on the wedding day. Its just a chance for the bride to dress up again and wear her wedding gown one last time.  Some brides choose to have a ‘trash the dress’ session, while a bridal session could be considered a version of a Trash the Dress session, but I think a Bridal Session tends to have a bit more class about it and probably tends to be a bit more fashion-style orientated.

For Lauren & Derek, they had planned a garden wedding on their Ma & Pa’s country property at Woodford.   I had been out there days before the wedding for a location scout and it was a magic day with sun shining and we were all pretty excited about the kinds of photos we could get plus Lauren & Derek had organised for the neighbour to bring down their horse for photos. The wedding day came and it poured raining.

After suggesting a bridal session to Lauren & Derek before we knew it we were out there shooting and thankfully the weather was glorious.  Id also organised for Tegan from Blossom and Twine who did Lauren’s wedding flowers so come along and provide Lauren with a bouquet, Derek a bottonhole and a flower garland for the horse.  I found an old metal hospital bed on the verandah of the property which we dragged into the paddock and drapped with a flower garland, quite appropriate it being a hospital bed as Lauren is a nurse.

Here are some photos from Lauren & Derek’s bridal session …

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