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Hi, Im Deb Boots.  I actually don’t like my last name but I do wear boots a lot, or rather did until I moved to the hot climate of Queensland.  But the cool thing about my name is that my first, middle and last name initials actually spell D.E.B. Pretty cool right!

I was born in Sydney and have always dabbled in creative things. As a youngster I made clothes for my dolls, dabbled with painting and drawing, and when my dad purchased a computer { the days of DOS and floppy disks if you are old enough :) was the beginning of my nerd years. I grew up with dogs and even as an adult had a dog until I moved to Queensland in 2006 all in the name of love and adventure.  My living arrangements here don’t allow pets, so Im ‘that girl’ that races up to any dog in the street for a pat and encourage my couples to include their dog in their engagement session.

My favourite thing to do is either catch up with friends or flick through the latest Frankie or Peppermint magazine over a coffee at a quirky trendy cafe, that’s me being content, or go traveling around this big fantastic world and that would be the restless gypsy in me.

My tastes are eclectic. I love renovating and decorating, nearly choosing to study interior design, but I went and purchased an expensive digital camera instead … and that was the beginning of my photography obsession. The moment I picked up that camera, I knew this is what I was meant to be doing, but never thought it would be my actual job. But that just goes to show what happens when you go on an adventure with eyes wide open and a young heart …

I would love for you to invite me to come on an adventure with you to capture and celebrate your love.

Here is a collection of wedding and engagement photos from past couples. I love revisiting all these love stories …

Having problems viewing the video? View the Wedding Photography video on the Deb Boots YouTube channel.


Having problems viewing the video? View the Engagement Photography video on the Deb Boots YouTube channel.








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